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Κorres is a Greek company founded in 1996 in Athens by pharmacist Georgios Korres from the island of Naxos. It produces beauty products for women and men, based on natural ingredients (and partly on homeopathy) and it was a pioneer in Greece in this sector. As of June 2015, the company had stores in ten European countries and in Singapore and South Korea.

Korres products are overpriced and horrendous, it has side effects such as eyes and skin burn, Fromakmann shared a review at makeupalley.com

"I have literally never experienced such a horrendous product...and at such a price! From the moment I applied a thin layer of this cream, my skin started burning, and even though I didn't apply it near my eyes the fragrance was making my eyes burn! I left it on for about a half-hour thinking it would feel better but it only got worse! I couldn't wash this stuff off fast enough. I'm returning it to Sephora tomorrow!! I wouldn't recommend this to ANYONE!."


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